Announcement: NuSpace Singapore will be officially closed as of September 1, 2022.
We appreciate the support and care our members have given us since our opening in 2018. We've all learned a lot from each other, and we look forward to
continuing those relationships in future Nulab initiatives. Please join us in the Nulab Community to be the first to hear what's next. See you there!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How much does a membership cost?

    It’s free!

  • What does membership entail?

    You gain 12 months of access to NuSpace, including access to all events and training sessions. The space has free wifi, snacks, and working areas for members to focus and collaborate.


  • Can I host an event at NuSpace?

    Yes! We encourage our members to host tech-related events, but we are also open to other types of events that can benefit our members. Send us a quick message on our contact page to discuss.

  • Are all events open to all members?

    Yes, unless otherwise indicated on the event.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Yes, but make sure your friend signs up to become a member ahead of time.

  • I see an event I want to join. How do I sign up?

    Register to become a member (it’s free!) Once you sign up, you can begin attending events at NuSpace.


  • How do I sponsor an event?

    There are lots of sponsorship opportunities at NuSpace—send us a quick message using our contact form!

  • Can I host an event after regular working hours?

    Yes! Just send us a quick message using our contact form with the details.


  • How big is the space?

    The space can comfortably host around 70 people.

  • Is there food at the space?

    There is! There are small snacks and coffee available for members.

  • If NuSpace is hosting a closed event, can I still come work and use the wifi?

    Unless otherwise indicated, there will still be available space to work.

  • My team wants to come to the space to learn more about using Backlog/Cacoo/Typetalk as a team. Can we book a private session?

    Yes! Just send us a quick message using our contact form, so we can coordinate a seminar that’s right for your team.

If you have more questions about NuSpace, please contact us.